Kyra Walters


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Kyra Walters

~ SAG Eligible ~


  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Weight: 105 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Vocal Range: Soprano; Belter

Special Skills

singing | harp | ballet | rhythmic gymnastics | skating | horseback riding | running
canoeing | swimming | archery | softball | hula-hooping | jump-roping | painting | drawing
origami | elementary Japanese | British accent


Sandwich Days Supporting Phil Vaira
The Imaginals Supporting Kevin Campbell, Buring Tree Films
Lady Wasteland Lead Mark Roush, Black Spot Films
The Train Master Featured Phil Bransom, Bransom Productions
Wild Man Supporting Jodie Baltazar, USC
Once Upon A Time In The Campsite Lead Jon Jaschob, FOTG Films
Southern Belle Music Video Supporting Autumn Andel, Photosphere
Multiple Featured Joel Wear & Breven Warren
Wicker Lead Joel Wear, Exemplar Films


Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial Principal General Mills
Consumer Spots: TV & Internet Principal Natural Dentures
Consumer Spots: TV, Print & Radio Principal Premier West Bank
Promotional Videos & PSAs Principal Camp Fire USA

Print & Modeling

Jewelry Promotion Stills OPearl Brands  
Product Promotion Shorts and Stills Intel Corporation  
Cocktails & Couture Eugene Ballet Company  
Oregon Wedding Showcase David's Bridal & Exclusively Bridal  


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Gladys Herdman Lakewood Theater
bobrauschenbergamerica Roller Girl Portland Playhouse Theater
Willie Wonka (Adult Cast) Veruca Salt New Moon Productions
Really Rosie Rosie Actors Cabaret
101 Dalmations Junior Cruella De Vil Actors Cabaret
The Jungle Book Junior Kaa The Snake Actors Cabaret
A Christmas Carol Grace Smythe Actors Cabaret
Seussical The Musical Young Kangaroo/Who Rose Children’s Theater
Fractured Fairy Tales Enchantra The Shapeshifter Lord Leebrick Theatre
Cinderella Horse/Street Person Actors Cabaret
Aladdin Violet (Youngest Princess) Upstart Crow Studio
Where The Wild Things Are Wild Thing Upstart Crow Studio


National Anthem Portland Rose Garden Arena 3BA Pro B-ball: Portland -vs- Seattle
National Anthem University of Oregon Mac Court Men’s B-ball: UO –vs- UW
Queen of The Jungle Lane County Fair Talent Show 1st Place, 15-years and Under
Marvin Moose Theme Song Full Grown Men The Movie Grottofilms
Santa Evita Evita Children's Choir Actors Cabaret


On Camera: In Focus Sandra Peabody  
Scene Study / Improv Suzi Smith  
On Camera Acting Damon Jones  
Voice Training Erica Jean  
Spontaneous Acting Richard Leebrick  
Musical Theater Joe Zingo  
Dance Theater Mark Siegel  
Rhythmic Gymnastics Oregon Gymnastics  
Japanese Yujin Gakuen  
Harp Misty Williams  
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